The Delegation from Kyoto, Japan Visited Our School

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On December 23, a delegation from Toba college in Kyoto, led by the head of the International Course of Kyoto, Japan Yamada Yoshinori, and director Yamaguchi Shin, paid a friendly visit to the High School Affiliated to Xian Jiaotong University. This was their second visit to our school a year later and was warmly welcomed by the Vice Principal Li Yang and all faculty and students of HSXJTU.

At the welcome ceremony, Vice Principal Li Yang first extended a warm welcome to the Japanese teachers and students coming from afar. He said that Xi'an and Kyoto are both ancient capitals for thousands of years with long history and culture, which makes the two cities join hands in cultural exchanges and mutual learning. In recent years, our school has carried out many friendly exchanges and cooperation with Kyoto about basic education.

On the 35th anniversary of Xi'an and Kyoto last year, a delegation from Toba college paid a visit to our school led by Mr. Yamada Yoshinori, during which the students stayed in the host families, experienced art class, had meaningful communication with the students from the Japanese Culture Society of our school, and established a good friendship with each other. Last October, the delegation from our school was also invited to visit Kyoto and Toba college, participating in student exchanges and visiting high-tech enterprises, which not only improved the students' academic level and interest, but also appreciated the culture and customs of Japan. We look forward to deepen the exchanges and visits between the two sides in future and provide a broader exchange platform for the youth of China and Japan.

Mr. Yamada Yoshinori highly expressed his great appreciation for the warm, meticulous and thoughtful reception from the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University, especially the home-stay for the Japanese students to experience Chinese culture, which would surely be an unforgettable memory during their life. Mr. Yamada said that it was with great significance for them to visit Xi'an and our school this time in 2019, which was the year of promoting exchanges of youth between Japan and China. He also hoped that the friendship between teenagers of China and Japan would be enhanced through continuous exchanges and visits.

After the ceremony, student representatives who visited Japan this year had a fruitful communication with the Japanese students about hobbies and campus life, etc. without the boundaries of language and nationality. Laughter was full of the meeting room.

During this visit, the delegation enjoyed observing and participating in a variety of engaging classes and student activities, such as Japanese class and Chinese Kongfu. All these made two schools’ student appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. Teachers and students of both sides not only improved their intercultural communication ability, but also harvested sincere friendship during the visit.

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