American Presidential Scholars visits HSXAJU

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A delegation of Presidential Scholars, twelve cum laude graduates from high school, arrived in Xi’an on August 3rd and started their 3 day visit to HSXAJU. Exchange program like this has been held for three years ever since 2007.

At 9 o’clock on August 3rd, a cordial welcome ceremony was held on Qujiang Campus for the twelve cum laude graduates. On this ceremony, Madame Wang, the Principal of HSXAJU, delivered a warm welcome speech and exchanges gifts with guests. Afterwards, students from both sides exhibited their elaborate performance which brought about incessant applause. The ethnic instrument playing and dancing were particularly adored by our guests. The Delegation members joined students in their English Class and the common language drew near the distance of their hearts. The delegation came to know more about Chinese culture and custom after wrapping dumplings with our students and teachers. In the afternoon, the delegation paid a visit to Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine and enjoyed in awe the first intimacy with the Chinese Medicine.

On August 4th, the delegates attended a Chinese history class with Chinese students, getting to know the footprint of China’s 5000 years of history, the improvement and impact of Confucianism in China. On the same day they also had a tour along the Ming City wall, ancient culture street, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell Tower and Shaanxi History museum etc. On the afternoon of August 5th, American students along with our 11 graders carried out extensive discussions over a series of issues such as study, life, current issues etc.

The three-day visit greatly enriched the American students in their understanding of Chinese culture and also led to a profound friendship between both countries. The sincerity and friendship will eventually bring about a brighter and deeper compassionship.

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