The teachers and students from Germany visited our school and the result was excellence

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From April 19th to 26th ,there was a goodwill visit by the teachers and students from MARTA -SCHANZENBACH- GYMNASIUM GENGENBACH to our school which lasted for a week, and reached the agreement of the cooperation in various areas.

On that day, High School Affiliated to Xian Jiao Tong University inaugurated a welcome reception for the German guests in the auditorium of Qujiang Campus, Mdm Wang Peidong made an ebullient speech of welcome, and then exchanged presents with the Principal from Germany. During this visit, the techers and students from MARTA -SCHANZENBACH- GYMNASIUM GENGENBACH not only toured in two campus of High School Affiliated to Xian Jiao Tong University and the campus of Xian Jiao Tong University, but also had classes、get-together with the students of our school.

In the class, they all listened carefully and asked the teacher with a modest attitude, espescially in Chinese, Chinese history, and Shaan’xi Geography classes. they were interested in these classes. Their enthusiasm for study affected every teacher who was having class, even one student said, “ Xi,an, it’s great! Hope to have one more chance to come here to study!”

To Chinese calligraphy, they also felt more suprised for its verve and natuary, with the teacher explained. Every one tried to write a Chinese character “ Fu” by Chinese brush, and asked to take it back and collect it as their works of art. Chinese ‘Kongfu’, which is a wonderful culture that many foreign friends want to learn, so the school arranged the Wushu class, especially for them, in order to realize their dreams of learning Chinese Kongfu. Every gesture and motion, … .The guests imitated adeptly. In the art class, they also contacted and learned how to draw Beijing Opera Facial masks, and heaped praise upon this kind of drawing art! On the afternoon of April, 22, the two school students played a wonderful friendship basketball games in Xingqing Campus, where cheer-leaders leading under the harmonious atmosphere, which forged the “ friendship” as a theme between the two school.

The students from the two school had get-together several times, our students performed the programme “ zhongguofeng”, which attracted them deeply. At the same time , Germany students performed chats with gutar, which got recognition and applause from our students. On April, 25th afternoon, Mdm Wang Peidong, invited by student union, was present at the farewell party for the German guests. At the end of the party, Mdm Wang was invited to dance with the Principal from Germany, which climaxed the entire farewell party. In addition , during the visit, the teachers and students from Germany visited Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi’an City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum and so on.

One week visit was short but colourful, friends from Germany recoginized and touched by Chinese culture, which increased their understanding to Xi’an. The exchange ideas and shared their practices between teachers of two schools helped in the deeper understanding and friendship of the two school. Mdm Wang Peidong and the principal of Marta-Schanzenbach School wished that the cooperation and exchange between two schools will proceed smoothly and reach more mutual understandings in the future.

Chinese has a saying, “The Spring has returned, everything is returned to prosperity.” Let’s sow the seed today will get the fruit in the foreseeable future.

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