Our Students Serving as Volunteers in the U.S.A.

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It was October 16, 2008 when senior3 students from the University School were welcoming their annual volunteers’ day and our visiting students and teachers who were visiting the University School joined the activity with American students.

There was a regular practice for the University School to annually arrange their senior 3 students to be volunteers in the community, with the purpose of cultivating the spirits of community care and social dedication. On October16, the students from the University School were divided into four groups, each of which had the different tasks. We took the school bus to a Welfare Institution for people with Mental Retardation, which needed to be repaired due to the long dilapidation. Students from our school were assigned to paint group, who was responsible for painting rooms. Our six male students were responsible for painting three doors. It was the first time for our students to do the volunteer work in the foreign country; therefore, they were very excited and full of energy. Regardless of the little rain and cold outside, they finished the work with a rapid speed. This volunteer work in America would never be forgotten by our students.

At the weekend, our students, and other two students-He Qi and Yue Sheng studying in the American, were invited to join in the outdoor activity in the new campus of Laural School. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the students were sent to the place of the activity by the host families. Outside activities are of great varieties, such as walking on the tightrope, climbing the pole to beat the balls, two people climbing the crossed bars etc. They played games with American students, and talked by the fire, all of which had promoted their understanding and friendship.

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