The K12 Group from United States Visited Our School

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“The foundation education in the United States shows respect to the students’ individuality, and attaches much importance to cultivate students’ creative ability, so there is so much for us to learn”, one of our teachers said in the discussion, which was about the differences between American and Chinese Foundation Education.

On 19, April, the delegation of Primary Source Education Centre from the United States visited our school. During their visit, two American teachers from the delegation firstly made a speech to show the American education system, especially the cultivation of students’ sense of teamwork and creativity; while teachers from our school introduced Chinese education management system and the teaching reform. When the discussion was over, one American principal said that although many differences existed between the two countries’ foundation education, there were still more same things, such as the treasure on education and the desire for talent people. If we can learn from each other, it will must be a good thing for both countries’ education.

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