Laurel USA visits HSXJTU

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March 26, four girls and two teachers from Laurel, Cleveland, USA arrived in Xi’an and they are going to stay in our school for two weeks.

Laurel, Cleveland was established in 1896, the same year when Nanyang Public school was founded. Laurel is a renowned independent girls’ school, kindergarten through K-12. March 30, 2009, Mrs. Ann Klotz, head of school, signed an agreement with Principal Wang, marking the official beginning of friendly exchanges. This is the second time for Laurel girls to visit HSXJTU.

March 28, a welcome ceremony was held on school assembly in the morning. Principal Wang delivered a welcome speech and then introduced each of Laurel visitors. Afterwards student representatives of both schools spoke to the whole school.

March 30, an anniversary ceremony was held in the auditorium to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the founding of friendly exchanges between two schools. The ceremony started with a video giving an account of how we two schools have walked through in the past three years. Following Principal Wang’s speech is the video greetings from Mrs. Ann Klotz. Mrs. Klotz, on behalf of Laurel, issued a proclamation declaring that March 30 would be the official Memorial Day for the friendship of two schools. The whole ceremony reached its climax when Laurel girls and teachers sang their school anthem.

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