Principal of Hwa Chong visits HSXJTU

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Vice Principal Yang Huiru of Hwa Chong Institution Singapore arrived in Xi’an on October 27th for a three-day visit to HSXJTU. Hwa Chong is deemed to be one of the top high schools in Singapore. Hwa Chong Institution was one of two schools in the world outside the UK featured in Cambridge University's Top 20 Schools for admission in 2009. Hwa Chong has produced 50 President Scholars to date, the highest number amongst all JCs. Between 2006 and 2010, Hwa Chong students won a total of 20 World Championship titles in various fields.

Ever since the setup of partnership with Hwa Chong Institution on November 2nd 2006, JSXJTU has enjoyed a harmonious and pleasant exchanges with Hwa Chong.

It is the second time for Madam Yang to visit Xi’an after her visit in 2007 with 35 Hwa Chong students. Madam Yang came to us with a hope to discuss with Principal Wang on the launch of one-month student exchange program. Principal Wang said, “Hwa Chong is greatly welcome to HSXJTU and hopefully through this program, HSXJTU students can learn from the elite students of Hwa Chong ”.

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