Zi Yanyang: Guide by the Concept of Learning Community, Promote the Reform of Classroom Teaching

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On the afternoon of April 21st, a lecture on classroom teaching reform was held in the lecture hall of Qujiang campus. The lecture was presided over by Headmaster Zi Yanyang.

At the beginning of the lecture, Headmaster Zi Yanyang proposed three specific questions with the theme of " How do you think about the classroom teaching about the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University". The first question is what are the problems about the classes? The second one is where is the way out for classroom teaching reform? The third one is what are the implementation measures? These three questions were discussed in 6 groups and then were presented and summarized individually by the key words.

The group of Jing Benshan pointed out that due to the lack of initiative exploration attitude of students, the classroom teaching should be changed from the consciousness and concept of teachers and should cultivate the students' ability of self-study; the group of Chen Jiangli raised two problems of the students, that is, the lack of initiative and arts literacy. The reform way is to take students as the main body and give high priority to students in the class, to strengthen reading and discussion and creative a strong atmosphere of reading on the campus; the group of Chen Xiaojun pointed out that the main problems at present are the backward teaching concept and the role-reversals of students and teachers in the class. The way to solve the problem is to change the concept, emancipate the mind, recognize the roles of students and teachers in the class. The students should become the main body in class, while the teachers should be the designers, listeners, assistants and promoters of the class. The group of Ding Feng put forward that the current teaching is much too utilitarian, mainly servicing for the examinations. It should be improved from the aspects of long-term development of students, homework, typical test questions, and independent study.

In the concluding speech, Headmaster Zi said that from the analysis of the problems and suggestions of the teachers, the classroom teaching reform will be the core issue for the further promotion of the school. We take standardization, quality, research and culture as the basis of running school. The school advocates a moderately relaxed but strict educational policy and efficient 45-minutes classes. Only through the classroom teaching reform, the school running concept of "Seeking an Education that Maximizes Each Student's Potential" can be achieved.

Finally, Headmaster Zi recommended several books he had read and will read to the teachers. He hoped that the teachers should read more, listen more and think more, design the class in the way of learning community and participate this classroom teaching reform actively, and make every student be the best of himself.

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