Long Time No See! The First Day of Resuming Classes of Senior Three of the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University

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On March 30, more than 800 senior three students of the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University came back to school after a long winter vacation. The silent campus became full of vitality and energy.

Off-peak registration, temperature measurement, enter the classroom orderly, one table one student...... Under a series of scientific arrangement of the school, the class resuming of senior three is going on smoothly.

Titled "The long winter vacation has finally ended, and the senior three students are back at school", the program "live broadcast of financial media" of Xi'an TV station reported the opening work of senior three of the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University at 9:00 in the morning.

The class resuming of senior three has been highly concerned by all sectors of society. Beilin District government, Education Bureau, Security brigade of Yanta branch, traffic police brigade of Qujiang police station, hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc. have all joined in the battle to build the first line of defense for students to return to school safely. The main leaders of brother schools came to observe and learn the good experiences of the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University about its opening work.


At 9:00am, all the teachers and students of senior three held a special "flag raising ceremony" in the classroom through live television. During the "first class in the new term", Principal Zi Yanyang reviewed the heroes who had made contributions and sacrifices during the epidemic, asked the students to be grateful and awed, and summarized the preparation work at the beginning of this term.

In the following 69 days before the college entrance examination, Principal Zi put forward three suggestions to the students. The first one is to prepare for the college entrance examination in a scientific and efficient way, not only with a dream in mind, but also with a down-to-earth attitude, reflecting the super self-discipline of a senior three student. The second is to maintain a positive attitude, face the problems directly, and solve them. The third is to keep a high level of vigilance about the new corona virus and attach great importance to the prevention. At the end of the speech, Principal Zi encouraged the students that they should strive hard for their future in the most beautiful youth, because happiness is achieved through hard work and also expressed his ardent hope to the students to have an excellent performance in this year's college entrance examination.

The speech by Sun Yifan, a senior three student, aroused strong resonance among all students. Those unusual days during the epidemic brought many new experiences to us and never stop our way to work hard. We witnessed people from all walks of life making contributions to the fight against the epidemic. We have a deeper understanding of what we are striving for now. Sun Yifan, on behalf of all the students in senior three, presented the great gratitude to the teachers of our school who have worked hard for the opening work. This epidemic gives students not only knowledge in books, but also thinking about growth. No matter how many setbacks and sufferings they have experienced, the students have never give up the spirit of fighting and keep the strong power to move forward the bright future.

The school broadcasted the first panoramic documentary "city of heroes" about Wuhan to fight against the epidemic on TV, and led the students to review the important historical moments in the past two months of Wuhan, as well as the warmth and righteousness from many ordinary heroes. As long as we work hard together, no winter is insurmountable; as long as we keep watch, no spring will not come. At this moment, the spring is coming and it will surely be a season full of vitality.

Under the full guarantee of the school, the senior three students started a normal and orderly life at school.

"After we entered the school campus and came back to the familiar dormitory, all the preparation work were done. Thank you, all my dear teachers!"

Through the hard time of the epidemic, the teachers and students of the High School Affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University will must be persons who work hard and will surely show the most elegant demeanor of themselves!

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