HSXJTU Women's Basketball Team Braves into the Top Four of the North District Final of China High School Women's Basketball League

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On April 6, the 2018-2019 China High School Women's Basketball League North District finals in Changchun came to a successful conclusion. The women's basketball team of HSXJTU, as the champion representative of Shaanxi Province, has won the fourth place in the North District finals, and achieved the best record of Shaanxi Province High School Women's Basketball Team participating in the event.

The Chinese High School Basketball League is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Sports Association of Middle School Students and the Chinese Basketball Association. It is the top basketball match for middle school students in China. The finals of the North District included the champion teams such as Tsinghua University High School, the attached middle school of Northeast Normal University, Liaoning Province Shiyan High School and The Shiyan School Attached to Shijiazhuang NO.2 Middle School in Northern provinces.

During the whole match, members of the women's basketball team of HSXJTU cooperated with each other, did great attacks and defenses. Although the team was formed not long ago and the average age of the players is low, they unite as one, win without arrogance and lose without discouragement. They play a good role in the overall technical and tactical advantages, and eventually win the fourth place in the final. The spirit of the team has been highly praised by the organizers and other schools, and also won the favor and appreciation of the well-known universities who came to select talents.

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