A Delegation of American High School Experts Visited HSXJTU

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On April 15, 2019, a delegation of experts from well-known middle schools in the United States visited our school for educational research and exchange.

The delegation was supported by the Office of Chinese Language Council International and the headquarters of Confucius Institute. The delegation is composed of principals, directors and senior teachers from top high schools in Boston and New York City. It aims to visit Chinese schools with long history, excellent academic level and outstanding school-running characteristics, and to have in-depth exchanges with Chinese school managers, teachers and students.

On the day of the visit, the school held a welcoming ceremony for the guests coming from afar in the conference room. Principal Madame Wang Peidong delivered a warm welcome speech on behalf of the school, and introduced to the guests the course of running the school and the general situation of its development. Later, the two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the educational concepts and teaching methods between China and the United States. While appreciating and learning China's excellent culture and educational concepts, the guests proposed to train all-round and high-quality students and world citizens, make unremitting efforts for the peaceful development of the world, and highly praised our school's educational goal of seeking an education that maximizes every student’s potential.

Under the guidance of the school leaders and teachers, the delegation members visited the school campus, the school history museum and the art exhibition of the students with great interest. They listened to the English courses offered by teachers from the International Course Center of our school, and exchanged with the teachers and students. They experienced the school culture and teaching practice of our school from various perspectives. The delegation highly recognized the advanced educational philosophy, elegant environment, rich campus activities and good presence of the teachers and students of our school. The guests and hosts fully expressed their desire to strengthen understanding, enhance friendship, and cooperate in depth.

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