Professor Megan Wang from UCLA Gave a Lecture at HSXJTU

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On the morning of April 19, Professor Megan Wang, an advisory and training specialist at UCLA, a former deputy director of UCLA's undergraduate admissions committee, a former head of Greater China and a former member of the SAT Committee, was invited to give a lecture entitled "Scare qualities in the eyes of AO in American universities" for teachers, students and parents of our school. In the lecture, Professor Megan Wang, from the perspective of admission officers, expounded her views on the root cause of the phenomenon that Chinese students' application rate for admission to top American schools has been repeatedly low in recent years, and many high-scoring students have been rejected. Professor Megan Wang gave us a lot of guidance and advice on how Chinese students can stand out among many applicants and win the favor of these prestigious universities. She encouraged students to study hard in the high school. Excellent academic performance is the most basic requirement for applying to world famous schools. She hoped that students will learn to recognize themselves clearly, develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, participate in extra-curricular activities, and develop a wide range of interests and hobbies. She emphasized that the writing of documents should not be uniform and that students’ personal characteristics should be highlighted, reflecting oneself more truthfully.

In addition, Professor Megan Wang emphasized that the criteria of "excellence" are embodied in interests, thoughts, adaptability, independence, stress resistance, values and other aspects, not just skills, rankings and awards. Therefore, she appeals to parents to let go one day of a week so that children can start to make their own choices and be responsible and persistent for them, and learn to give up when necessary.

This lecture has brought a lot of harvest and inspiration to our teachers, students and parents. We wish that our students can combine their interests and abilities to plan their own goals, strive hard to finally fulfill their goals!

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