Our School Received Good Results in the 2018 "One Teacher, One Excellent Course" in Beilin District

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On the afternoon of April 28, the 2018 "One Teacher, One Excellent Course" commendation conference and the 2019 initiation meeting were held successfully. More than 200 participants, including all the teachers who received excellent courses at the ministerial level, the leaders in charge of the activity, the relevant audio-visual teachers and the teachers representatives of the primary and secondary schools in the region, participated in the meeting.

Our school was awarded the "Excellent Organization Award" at the district level. In this activity, our school has organized more than 80 lessons and reported more than 20 excellent lessons. Among them, Teacher Zhang Ajuan's Unit7 Metropolises has won excellent lessons at the ministerial level. Teachers Zhang Ajuan, Wei Xiao and Jiang Shuai were rated as "famous teachers in the application of basic education resources in Xi'an City", and their works were rated as excellent lessons in Xi'an City. Teachers such as Li Bingyi, Wang Xuan, Wang Qiong, Xu Jiaxing, Wang Juanjuan, Yao Ying and Lu Xinfang were awarded Excellent Courses at district level.

The District Education Bureau emphasizes that it is an important manifestation of the teaching and research strength of each school to upload excellent courses and expose them to the public through the public service platform of national education resources, and to realize the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching. It is hoped that schools will attach great importance to it and take concrete actions to strive for more awards and prizes for high-quality courses in 2019. In 2019, our school will continue to carry out this activity effectively, and strive to achieve better results.

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