HSXJTU Was Awarded "Advanced Collective of School-based Research in 2018" in Beilin District

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In order to further promote the development of school-based research activities, improve teachers' professionalism, Beilin district held a Regional Conference on scientific research on March 1, at which the advanced units and individuals of school-based research work in Beilin District in 2018 were selected and commended. In this selection activity, our school was named "Advanced Collective of School-based Research in 2018" in Beilin District. Wang Xiaodan, Shi Hongpeng, Zhang Ruichao, Xu Jiaxing, Chen Yinxiao, Hu Jingfang, Wang Haiyan, Du Haiou and Lianjun Camp were named "Advanced Individual of School-based Research in 2018" in Beilin District.

School-based research is an important approach to promote school development and teachers' growth. The award is a great affirmation of our school-based research work. In 2019, we will continue to do well in school-based research, carry out various forms of school-based research activities, create a strong research atmosphere, form distinctive school-based research results, and play a leading role in provincial demonstration schools.

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