The Adult Ceremony of Class 2019 Was Solemnly Held at HSXJTU

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Vigorous youth ignited dreams, passionate years let off hope. On the morning of March 16, the 2019 Adult Ceremony was solemnly held in the playground of Qujiang Campus at HSXJTU. The Party Secretary of Basic Education of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Madame Wang Peidong, the principal of HSXJTU, along with other school leaders, all teachers and students of grade 12, as well as the parents of students participated in the ceremony. In the magnificent and loud national anthem, in the proud school song, the Adulthood Ceremony officially started. Principal MadameWang Peidong first extended warm congratulations to all the students of Class 2019, and sent wishes to the young people who strive to become the best of themselves, encouraging them to persist in exercising their physique, moral integrity, and constantly open up their minds and horizons.

Student Wang Yingze's father made a touching speech on behalf of all the parents of grade 12. He first expressed his gratitude to the school and teachers. From the perspective of loving parents, he expressed his heartfelt gratification and pride for the children's growth. The simple words carried the deep love and expectation from the parents. Yue Zijun's representative speech aroused the resonance of all students. They were grateful for their parents' nurturing, thanked their alma mater's cultivation and teachers' efforts throughout these years. HSXJTU students will declare to the world in the spirit of struggle that they will meet the challenges of life in a more independent, mature and self-confident manner, understand kindness, advance and retreat, be grateful at all times.

All grade 12 teachers' wishes to the students have pushed the adult ceremony to a climax, recalling the moments of the three years' life at HSXJTU, sending messages to the 18-year-old youth, and congratulating the adult students, thanking the parents who are coming, and bringing courage and strength to them who are about to embark on the battlefield of college entrance examination to pursue their dreams. After the blessings, the students present flowers to the teachers who have been working hard all the time.

Principal Madame Wang Peidong and the parents attending the meeting wore adult badges for the children together with the teachers and presented the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. Student representatives Yang Xiaoyu led all grade 12 students to take an adult oath. Then, each class shouted its own declaration of inspiration. Finally, under the leadership of Principal Madame Wang Peidong, accompanied by the vigorous youth melody, all the students walked through the adult door together with their teachers and parents, and took the first solid step on the road of adulthood with their heads up high.

Today, students dressed in formal clothes, solemnly crossing the threshold of eighteen years old, are still children of parents and teachers. In the future, they will meet many challenges. Hopefully through this adult ceremony, every student who enters adulthood can carry their dreams, strive hard to achieve higher and more far-reaching goals!

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