Winners of the American Presidential Awards Visiting Our School

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The Sino-US students’ passion for the exchange in experiences could not be intervened by the intense heat outside. From July 2 to July 5, 12 graduates of high school winning the American Presidential scholarship arrived at our school. They profited greatly from this visit and spent a happy time with students and teachers of our school in singing, class-taking, debate-attending, and dumpling-making.

The American Presidential Award is to honor American most outstanding graduates, not only excellent in academic achievement, but also brilliant in art skills and creative ability. The 12 students had already been admitted by American renowned universities like Harvard University, Yale University, University of Virginia, and Princeton University etc. Their visits to China received highly supports from China Education Association for International Exchange and National Committee on United States - China Relations. During this visit, Xi’an was their second stop (Beijing was their first stop). Through the approval of Ministry of Education, our school took the sole responsibility of reception in Shaanxi. Their coming on July 2 received a warm welcome from our students and teachers. Besides watching the entertainment show performed by our students, they had also staged a chorus with our students. Our Principal, Mrs. Wang Peigdong delivered a warm speech sincerely welcoming the American students to appreciate the profound and magnificent oriental cultural from Xi’an visit, and welcoming them to our campus and classroom to experience features and styles of Chinese modern education. She was convinced that students from our two nations would benefit from each other and make greater achievement after this exchange.

Accompanied by our teachers, they had visited the campus of Xi’an Jiaotong University and our two campuses of the High School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University. In the English classroom, they attached great interests to the Chinese classic fable; in the history class, they experienced the place of interests and customs of Shaanxi; in the class of handiwork, out of the curiosity of paper-cutting, they picked up the scissors to learn how to cut. The traditional Chinese food-dumpling also drew their interests. They cannot help making some wrappers and dumplings. The most memorable thing was that together with our students, they held a model UN conference of 2008 United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization, with the language of English and theme of Rebuilding Wenchuan after the Earthquake. During this model conference, the speakers tried to behave like the UN member. More than two-hour model conference was concluded in agreeing to provide necessary humanitarian aids to China submitted by delegates from 3 member countries after the heat negotiation and discussion. Mr. Lu Jieyang, Senior Programme Officer of U.S.-China Relations National Committee who had also attended the whole debates, highly praised the performances of students from America and China, like language expression, leadership and management. Moreover, he mentioned this model conference was really a success. He was convinced that the activity of its kind could promote the Sino-US dialogue.

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