Senior1 students of our school visiting Xi’an Accelerator Mass Spectrum Center

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安芷生院士向参观师生表示欢迎 卢雪峰教授先容加速器相关理论


In the afternoon on 9 March and 10 March, led by our vice principal Feng Ji and Teacher Li Xiaozhen, senior1 students of our school visited Xi’an Accelerator Mass Spectrum Center located in Xi’an Jiaotong University Qujiang Campus.

Teachers and students of our school were welcomed by center staff. Firstly, professor Lu Xufeng from center introduced basic principal of particle acceleration, structure principal of accelerator and application for particle acceleration detailedly, furthermore, answering questions put forward by our students. Later, led by professor Yang from Center, our students visited the main equipments of center, including 3MV series accelerator mass spectrum imported from Holand HVEE. Stuff from the center introduced this instrument’s structure and working principle detailedly, and answer students’ questions, which made our students feel satifactory.

This visit was the important part of our students’ extra-curriculum activities, which made students zero contact with hi-tech, additionally, widen students’ view, cultivate science and technology interests and inspire student’s to explore new knowledge.

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