Senior3 Students Outdoors Outward Bound

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In the afternoon on 7 March, led by vice principal Song Jin’an, Director Gao Xiaomei from Moral Department, Director Zhang Xinqi from Teaching Affair Department and our school Communist Youth League secretary Zhou Ji, all of senior3 students of our school went to Yasen Quality Outward Bound Center located in Qujiang Shanglinyuan to take part in the outward bound traning.

At 13:30, senior3 students assembled in the Qujiang Campus, every head of class stressed the attention rules such as ‘security first’, later, teachers and students took off.

At 14:00, the outward bound started officially. Every class was divided into two groups for competition training. Students did 10-odd programmes, including ‘going through the electrical net’,’big road to the heaven’, ‘getting over the barrier’ etc., which helped to upgrade students’ psychology and physical quality, team-work capability and team-work awareness etc. Our students cooperated closely, eventhough some of them got bruise or fell down on the floor, they never complained, just dealt with that simply then got back to the team at once to keep training. This activity showed students’ excellent spirituality, which coaches from the center paid high tribute to.

This activity aimed to let students relax, animate thought and adjust intense study life during senior3 students preparation for examination, which could help them prepare the examination better.

At 17:00, the training finished smoothly. Eventhough our students were a little bit tired, you could see the happiness on their face by thinking of their achievements. Many students felt this day was the most happiest day in their senior3 study life.

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