Our Students Participating in the Model UN Conference during winter holiday in America

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During 2009 spring festival, led by teacher Zhou Jie, secretary of Youth League Committee of our school, with 97 other senior high school students all over the country, 5 students of our school and 3 students from the Middle School Attached to Shaanxi Normal University went to America and took part in the 35th National Model United Nations Conference for High School Students organized by Yale University with another 2000 students from all over the world, which was from 21 Jan to 03 Feb, totally 13 days.

During the MUN activity, we discussed, learn and exchange with senior school students from all over the world, deeply experiencing their thought and culture. Every student demonstrated their most excellent aspect to our international friends during the MUN meeting, at the same time, students from all over the world could see the specities of chinese culture. We benefited a lot from MUN meeting. We conquered the language difficulty and culture diffeence, found the weakness of themselves, additionally, there were lots of things worth learning from the foreign students.

Later, they visited Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Yale University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University, communiting with overseas chinese students very well. Learning relevant situation about their school, we knew more about these prestigious universities.

The last few days, we visited New York city, starting the New York city research activities. We went to the New York Times Square, Museum, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty and United Nations Headquarters, exchanging with the local American and carrying out all kinds of research activities, from which we felt American people friendliness and warmness and knew their life habits and customs, culture and thought.

12 days flys quickly. We knew this developed and culture-fulfilled country--- America deeply through this exchange and visit. We learned lots of things and we woule be trying our best to do everything good, hoping our country to be as superpower as America.

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