Five Schoolfellows Coming back from European and American Visited Our School

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On December 31, 2008, during the celebration of the New Year, our five schoolfellows from America, the UK and Canada came to our Qujiang campus and also paid a visit to the Principal and teachers who used to teach them. The study and progressive experiences they imparted greatly inspired the juniors to make greater achievements.

In the afternoon of that day, Mrs. Gao Xiaomei-Director of the Moral Education Department presided over an activity for celebrating the New Year in Qujiang campus. During the activity, Mr. Feng Ji-our Vice Principal addressed the New Year wishes, in which he mentioned the school’s great achievements in 2008 such as achievements in the College and University Entrance Examination and Senior High School Entrance Examination, the best in the subject competition in Shaanxi Province. We passed the inspection of first model high school in Shaanxi Province smoothly and our Senior High School had moved to Qujiang District formally. He wished best for the students and teachers in 2009. Teacher Chen Guoyong introduced the five schoolfellows from the USA, the UK and Canada to stduents, they were Zhang Sen, Li Na, Liu Fei and Cui Yongtao graduating from the school in 2001, and Yuan Yipeng graduating from the school in 2008. Zhang Sen, once the President of the Students Union, now studies at University of Waterloo, Canada for his doctorate and serves as the insurance consultant for a company. Graduating from Oxford University, Li Na now works in Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, London; Liu Fei is studying at University of California Davis for the doctorate after getting the Master’s degree from Department of Engineering Physics of Tsinghua University; Cui Yongtao is now heading for his doctorate in Cornell University, US, upon graduating from the Department of Physics in Peking University; Yuan Yipeng had directly enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University after graduating from the High School affiliated Xi’an Jiaotong University. Returning from the foreign countries, they directly came to their former school to visit the school and express graduations to their principal and teachers who had instructed them; their personal experience, ways of learning, life experience along with their determinations and exploratory spirits had deeply inspired the juniors. Their experiences told the juniors that where there is a will, there is a way.

Finally, Mrs. Wang Peigdong, the Principal of the school had delivered a brilliant speech to highly praise the schoolfellows’ behaviors. In her speech, she believed that their learning experiences would inspire the juniors to continuously pursue the greater achievements. Just like the saying of Mr. Tang Wenzhi, the founder and President of Xi’an Jiaotong University-the good behavior goes before the great knowledge, excellent career and good talent. Mrs. Wang hoped all students improve their moralities and behaviors and strive to become the modern talents with great virtues, highly responsibilities, creative spirits, leadership, international horizon and moral integrity. The speech was ended in the principal’s wishes for the happy New Year, for the progress in the career and for the happiness in life.

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