Our Students Participating in the Model UN Conference

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On December 10, that is, during our festival of politics, geography and history, our students held a model conference of United Nations Security Council on the situation of Georgia.

A smoke war filled with long-waited ambitions, power, testing and conspiracy broke out in Georgia four months ago. The calm appearance was finally unable to veil the troubled international situation.

This foreign war had pulled the hearts of students with international perspectives and a sense of social responsibilities. Under the United Nations’ principle of watching the international situation before instructing the world, our UN model conference was finally held. Thanks for the help of our Committee of Youth League, students’ union and multi-disciplinary teams, and also for the careful preparation of the professional academic instruction manual that was completed by the presidium. Just like a true diplomat, our students had maximized the interests of the country through their own courage and strategies. The views in every paper were congealing our students’ justice, sincerity and courage. With the passion and responsibility for the world, they felt at ease with the changing world.

This model UN conference had fully displayed our students’ brilliant ability.

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