The students of our school took part in wild practical activities in Wutaishan

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On 02 December, 36 students from Senior1 and Senior 2 went to Qinling Wutaishan to take part in wild practical activities led by Cao Yuan, Director of Education and Scientific Research Department, and Shi Manli, Director of Politics, History, and Geography Teaching and Research Group.

This wild practical activities aimed to collect first-hand information for research topics---Relationship between Plant Distribution and Geographical Environment. So teachers from Politics, History, and Geography Teaching and Research Group and students made lots of preparation in advance, such as two trainings for students of Senior 1 and Senior 2 who would take part in research and practice activities, purchasing small shovels, pruning scissors, specimens folders, water-absorbing papers, hand-held GPS receivers, and other special items, dividing students into groups based on different tasks and making responsibilities to everyone.

In the morning of 02 November, all of participants gathered at the gate of Xingqing campus of the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University, then they would take the bus to the destination. On the bus, Director Cao Yuan, Teacher Shi Manli, and other two biology teachers explained attention issues and concrete requirements. During over five hours activities, there was not only geography teacher who was explaining all kinds of geological heritage, but also biology teacher who was explaining how to collect and press the plant specimens. All of teachers and students are enthusiastic, who were taking part in actively and learning lots of practical knowledge, at the same time, this activity stimulated and improved interests in studying and researching.

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