Students and Teachers of Grade 1 from the High School visited the Jinghe Meteorological Station in Shaanxi Province

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On November 23, students and teachers of Grade1 (over thirty people all together) visited the Jinghe Meteorological Station in Shaanxi. Zhang Yu, director of the academic office, Mr. Du Laizhou-Party branch secretary of the high school, and teachers like Ms. Shi Manli, Ms. Li Ying, and Ms. Lu Ting participated this activity.

Upon their arrival, a teacher from the meteorological station introduced some Meteorological knowledge, and made several interesting experiments for them like the tornado formation, judging the weather from the cloud condition, artificial rain, and etc. After the detailed introduction, our students understood that weather could not only affect the daily activities, but also the state of mind. Have you heard the weather depression? According to the survey, there is an obvious increase in the number of people with depression in autumn and winter- nearly 10% higher than in the normal days. Meanwhile, our students understood some natural phenomena like the mock sun, mirage, and etc. They also experienced the magical static. Upon approaching the real meteorological instruments outside, such as the ultraviolet anemometer, secondary wind finding radar, transit, rain gauge, evaporator, and wind vane, they got extremely excited. While seeing these instrument, they asked a lot of questions and the teacher from the station gave them many explanations with great patience.

Our students benefited a lot from this visit and indulged in the mysterious nature, changeable weather, and profound earth. All pictures, recording the goodness of the nature, need them to appreciate; all record data, the code of the earth, need them to decipher; the great sky phenomena need them to explore.

What a nice extra-curriculum activity!

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