Chairman of the Director Board from the University School Visiting the High School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University

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The friendship between the University School and High School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University had been developed. From November 15 to 17, Mr. Conway, the chairman of the Director Board from the University School, and his colleagues, visited our school. This activity had greatly deepened the friendship between two schools.

In the afternoon of November 15, our Vice Principal-Mr. Song Jin’an headed to Xianyang International Airport to welcome the arrival of Mr. Conway (chairman of the Director Board from the University School), his wife Mary F. Conway (Member of Director Board of American Laurel School) and their daughter Ms. Jane C. Barber. Upon arranging their belongings, the group of Mr. Conway went straight to the Qujiang and Xingqing campus accompanied by our Principal-Mrs. Wang Peigdong, who delivered a warmly welcoming speech in the Audiovisual Room on the ground floor. Mr. Wang praised that they were the Friendship Ambassador between University School, Laurel School and our school. Meanwhile, Mr. Conway also gave a speech titled My Observations on the Current Education-Basing on the Fundamental Education in America, India and China. He held the view that fundamental education was the critical to improve of personal quality, change environment and society; in face of the global warming, crisis in water resources and energy, and problems of population, the fundamental education of America, India and China should take their effects through cultivating students to discuss our surviving problems. Mr. Conway’s magnificent speech had received applauses from students and teachers. Later the group of Mr. Conway had attended our entertainment program.

In our Conference Room on the second floor, the group of Mr. Conway had a kind talk with our 13 students, who came back from the University School, Laural School a week ago. The students had talked about their feelings of study in the University School and in Laurel School, and aired their views towards American presidential campaign at the request of the group of Mr. Conway. Mrs. Mary F. Conway greatly praised the students’ fluent English and profound thoughts. Afterwards the group of Mr. Conway had taken a picture with our students and teachers.

During the Xi’an visit, the group of Mr. Conway had also visited famous tourism spots.

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