Six Students break the school records on the 22nd sports meeting

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Our 22nd sports meeting was held in the playground of Xi’an Jiaotong University on October 18-19, 2008. High-spirited students tried their best at the meeting, during which six students have broken 5 school records.

The two-day sports meeting--- October 18 for the senior high school and October 19 for the junior school, was presided over by the leader of physical education, Mr. Pan Ansheng. The opening speech, in spirit of Friendship First, Competition Second; Faster, Higher and Stronger, was addressed by the vice principal-Mr. Feng Ji and assistant principal-Mr. Zhong Weiguo. Afterwards, the athlete representatives pledged to follow the rules and abide by the judge’s decision. During the show, the school group dance presented by the middle school students added splendor to the sports meeting.

Students tried their best in the sports event. In the 20×60m and 4×100m class relay, they showed their highly sense of group honor and team spirit; in 100m and 200m races, they displayed their sprite; in the high jump and long jump, they unveiled their energy. Meanwhile, the judges recorded the results with great fairness and justice. Spectators screamed for the athletes.

During this sports meeting, there are six students breaking five school records of middle school and high school in 100m race long jump, standing long jump, and medicine ball. Liu Chensong inClass1 Grade 2 from the senior high school breaks the senior high school record in male 100m race with the result of 11〞00; Zhang Jinhui in Class7 Grade 2 from the junior high school breaks the school record in male 100m race(11〞58); junior high school students also do well in the male long jump with the result of 6.27m. All these results have shown the level of our physical education. The aim of the sports meeting is to develop the good style and fighting spirit, and finally to promote the physical exercise.

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