Sweet Times for the Students of Direct University Enrollment

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With the advent of the Mid-Autumn Day, fifty-five students of direct university enrollment from our country spent a sweet time in the campus.

On September 12, that is, the 13th .August of Chinese lunar calendar, the class meeting for students of direct university enrollment was held after the third class in the afternoon, with the theme of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mr. Feng Ji and Song Jin’an- the vice principals, Mr.Zhong Weiguo-assistant principal, Ms.Zhang Yu-director of the academic affairs, and Mr. Chen Chaojun- deputy director of teaching research, attended the meeting to express greetings to the students. Moon cakes, drinks, candies and fruit were sent to the students by the school. Students sang together. The songs like Rainbow, Never Walk Away, Blue and White Porcelain led us to feel the tide of times and sincerity. The duet Troika unveiled the exotic customs to us; You & Me let us enjoy the passion and strength of the Olympic Games again.

Students indulged in the game like guessing the riddles from the hand movements, passing the Ping-Pong. The oboe performance had us rolling in the aisles. In face of the talents displayed by students, teacher also participated in the activity. Han Ping-the head teacher of the class sang a song named Gardenia in Blossom. Mr. Jin-the math teacher played the game of untying the cord. “We are a family,loving and caring for each otherlike a family.”

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