Military Training in Luan Town in September

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In the morning of September 8, a loud army song was spread out from Xi’an National Defense Education and Training Base in Luan town (Chang’an District). The students of Senior Grade 1 were conducting the military performance. Their neat formation (especially formation of the wrestling and hand-to –hand fight, carrying forward the tradition of our army), and wonderful military sports won the shower of applause from the leaders of the training base, the teachers and students.

The military results came from the efforts they had made. At about 7a.m. of August 31st, the students of senior Grade 1 and all the head teachers gathered in Xingqing Campus. Ms. Gao Xiaomei, director of moral education office first delivered a speech for the military training. Afterwards, Zheng Xunhong and Ren Dong, group leaders of students in Grade1 issued a brief mobilization speech, which signaled the beginning of the military training. On the way to Xi’an National Defense Education and Training Base (Chang’an District), the students were cheerful chatting and laughing. They were expecting the military training.

In September, the sun remained in glare. Undergoing the intense heat, students held the view-just sweat, no tears, which forged their perseverance and bravery. They were quick and doing well in policing the barracks. Students behaved well in dining. The tradition of our army had been exhibited in the formation, military sport, wrestling and hand-to-hand fight by the students. Through cooperation, they survived under the intense heat and rain.

In spite of the busy schedule, Ms. Wang Peidong- the principal, Mr. Song Jin’an- the vice principal, Mr. Zhong Weiguo-assistant principal, and Mr. Liu Jun-director of academic affairs called on students and teachers in Luan Town, which had given them great encouragement. Ms. Gao Xiaomei-director of moral education had paid several visits to seeing students and teachers. Yao Jule-secretary of moral education office, responsible for the liaison and service, discussed the military training with group leaders and 14 head teachers every day, the latter of whom worked in the front line all the time. The school doctor, Dr. Zhang and the mental coach, Mr. Tian, following students to the base, closely cooperated with the head teaches. They communicated with students in spare time and encouraged and helped students with special problems in the military training. (Under this excellent situation carried forward the military training. )→In this united and harmonious atmosphere, the military training carried forward

Students had experienced everything of the military life from the 9-day training. The training had forged their strong determination, and improved their psychological endurance. They learnt the importance of the team spirit, friendship and mutual assistance, and the significance of the cooperation, consideration and tolerance. The training had paved a way for the students to adapt to the new study and life in Qujiang Campus. Finally, we hope our students can carry forward the fine style into their study and life.

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