Rebuilding the Hometown after the Disaster

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Students with different colors and nationalities were getting together and mourned for the compatriots died in the fatal earthquake of Wenchuan. This was the solemn occasion before starting the model conference of 2008 United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization made by the students from the American and Chinese students in the High School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University. It was said that such kind of model conference was the first in Shaanxi. Wenchuan earthquake in May 12, triggering the tremendous losses ever seen in history, had shocked the world. On July 3, twelve graduates winning American Presidential Scholarships had been enrolled by American renowned universities like Harvard University, Yale University, University of Virginia, and Princeton University. They visited Xi’an. Together with our students, they attended the model conference of 2008 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. During the conference, they communicated with English. This activity received full supports from China Education Association for International Exchange and American United States - China Relations National Committee. Over 50 students from China and America served as delegates of different member countries. The conference was to focus on rebuilding on the hometown after Wenchuan earthquake. At the very beginning, Master of the conference, just like the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization required all delegates to stand in silent tribute for the deaths in the earthquake. The debates for the topic went after the statements in the background of earthquake and efforts made by the Chinese government. In terms of the first priority for the rescue after earthquake, some countries stated the material assistance; some mentioned the mental treatment for the people in quaked area, while others voiced the campus rebuilding. In accordance with the regulations of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the results were decided by member countries’ voting. For the questions like how to well distribute the international material, Chinese representative had given a clear answer. The Chinese representative promised to make a strict management and to open the information in material distribution. In this solemn two-hour conference, all speakers behaved like a real speaker in the UN conference with fluent English. Finally, the conference approved the documents submitted by three member countries and agreed to provide the necessary humanitarian aids to China through the heat negotiation and discussion.

Mr. Jonathan Lowet- Senior Programme Officer of U.S.-China Relations National Committee, who had experienced the whole debates, highly praised the Sino-US students’ performance. This activity was successfully concluded. Mr. Jonathan also mentioned the students’ excellent ability in language, leadership and organization. He was convinced that the activities of this kind would promote the effective Sino-US dialogue.

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