The 23rd track and field held

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The 23rd track and field sports of the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University was held at the newly-built stadium of Qujiang Campus .

The opening ceremony was presided by Mr. Pan Ansheng, the RO of this event. Principal Wang peidong pointed out, in her opening address, ‘the yearly sports event is a vital move to improve our kids both physically and mentally and it is also a major test on school’s PE education and students’ sportsmanship.’ Principal Wang encouraged students to cultivate their manner and friendship while fully displaying the Olympic spirit of Higher, Faster and Stronger. She also extended her wishes of a complete success for this event. Performances at the opening ceremony were brilliant and also diversified and you can see the

About one thousand teachers and students participated in 20 sports at this event. Athletes fully displayed their sportsmanship and the fine school spirit on the field while off the field numerous volunteers did their parts for our athletes. We also observed the meticulousness and responsibility of our judges. The whole sports event went on friendly and orderly.

Funny sports were arranged for the joint involvement of teachers and students which added to the gaiety of the occasion

The 23rd track and field came to an end successfully at 5 pm.

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