The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University visiting The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany

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Invited by The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany, the delegation of The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University, 42 teachers and students, visited The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany from 11 July 2009 to 25 July 2009, reaching several agreements about establishing two school cultural exchange programme, teacher language training, sending students to each other and curriculum information exchange etc. The local several newspapers and TV Stations paid a high tribute to and paid attention to our school teachers’ and students’ good quality and kind and friendly exchange activities, which arised positive propaganda effect.

The day when the delegation of the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University arrived, teachers and students of the MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany hold the grand welcoming ceremony for the delegation of our school. The Principal Kopp-Kast Verena of the MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany addressed the warm welcoming speech. Principal Wang Peidong gave the thanks speech, exchanging gifts with the Principal of the MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany. On 13 July 2009, the Mayor of GENGENBACH city received the delegation of the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University in City Hall, listening to report of two schools’ previous exchange and attending the two schools’ cooperation agreement signing ceremony about the bilateral exchange.

During the visit, the delegation of our school visited the campus of the MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany, attending classes with the Germany countpart. In every class, our students could listen to seriously, attending positively and asking questions to teachers modestly. Our school students were strongly interested in Germany, History, Geography, Fine Arts, Handcraft and Music class, whose high enthusiasm to learn affected every teacher giving a class. On 15 July 2009 morning, students from both schools were taking part in friendly football competition in the stadium of The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany. Ebullientcheering squad and Harmonious atmosphere of the competition made ‘friendship’ the main theme of this competition.

Students from both schools were having several parties. On 16 July afternoon, teachers and students from both schools were performing. Teachers and students of The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany prepared colorful fairy-tale drama performances and music performances. Our school students gave the excellent performances too. You could listen to the applauses from the Auditorium from time to time. Later, The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany held grand barbecue party, the happy and enthusiastic atmosphere of which affected every student.

Our school teachers and students visited Ortenberg University, Strasbourg Cathedral and European Parliament etc, knowing deeply the Germany local conditions and social history.

This visit strengthens the friendship between our school and The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany, promoting to know the Chinese and Germany basic education. Teachers and students of The The MARTA-SCHANZENBACH-GYMNASIUM Germany and the host families spoke highly of courteous behavior, gentle, cultivated and quick-witted performances and excellent comprehensive quality of our school. The local media paid attention to it greatly. Several newspaper offices and TV Stations reported this exchange activities positively. Chinses Embassy in Germany paid a high tribute to the delegation of our school too.

This visit has special meaning. Mr. Wu Dong, Standing Director of Deutsche China-Gesellschaft wrote a letter to our school specially, saying that the local government and people praised our school teachers’ and students good performances during exchange. Many Germany families said that exchanging with the chinese students demonstrated China bright future, efforts and Credibility from the young generation. Especially the good quality our school teachers and students had, made everyone feel the value of this exchange. He also praised that this kind of exchange indeed was the good proparganda during this special period that western countries were having some misunderstandings to our inner affairs, which could let western friendly people know China. Delegation of our school demonstrated with their practical activities the excellence of Chinese people, at the same time, let the world know China!

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