The 4th International Forum of Leading Schools was held in The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University on 04 April

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The 4th International Forum of Leading Schools was held on 04 April after long preparation by The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University and European Union Education Foundation, which the educational circles has been concerned about.

The 4th International Forum of Leading Schools is one of the most important event in the world educational circles, which was initiated by European Union Education Foundation in 2005 and has been held successfully three times in Shanghai, London and Beijing separately. It focuses on promoting communication and cooperation between Chinese and overseas basic education, providing platform for airing opinion, exchanging suggestions and reaching consensus. This forum was not only inheriting the traditiona, but also unprecedented. Over 200 Chinese and overseas educationtors and government officers attended this forum, such as Mr. Tony Little, Headmaster of Eton College, Ms. Barbara Harrison, Chief Executive of UK GDST, Mr. James Michael Montoya, vice president of the College Board, Mr. Kevin Stannard, director of International Curriculum Development of University of Cambridge International Examinations, Mr. Berry Bock, president of European Union Education Foundation, Mr. Lester.P.Monts, vice-dean of University of Michigan, Ms. Davis Cheng, vice-dean of Pennsylvania University, Ms. Diana Amann, Bundesverwaltungsamt-ZfA-Schulmanagement weltweit, Mr. Stephen Murray, headmaster of University School, Mr.Liu Bin, director of China Education Association for International Exchange, Mr. Liu Yanning, China Information Promotion League Professionals Committee, Wang Benzhong, director of The Senior High School Education Professional Commission of CSE, Professor Sun Dongdong from Law College of Peking University and Mr. Liu Changming, Beijing No.4 Middle School etc.

Shaanxi Government and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education attached high importance to this forum and definitely supported it. Zhu Jingzhi, vice-governor of Shaanxi Province, attended this forum and gave a keynote speech. Zhang Daohong, vice-director of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Yang Xiwen, director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Lv Mingkai, vice-director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Cheng Guangxu, vice-chancellor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhang Jianguo, director of Xi’an Educational Bureau and Huang Xinnan, vice-director of Xi’an Educational Bureau attended this forum and congratulated the forum to be held. Ms. Wang Peidong, headmaster of the High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University gave a keynote speech titled ‘facing the future, complementing other’s advantages, fostering excellents talents of international competitiveness’. Headmaster Wang Peidong thought our human being are facing all kinds of crisis, such as global financial crisis, global warming, energy crisis and AIDS transmission etc. How to resolve these conflicts? In order to solve these problems, We have to provide students with suitable approaches, guide them with right opinio and cultivate capability of dealing with them. Eastern and western cultural tradtional are different, which have its unique value. These different cultural tradition could communication with each other, learn from eacher other and promote world harmonious prosperity. As the educators, we are responsible for absorbing excellent achievements of different cultural with concepts of eastern and western culture complementation, making no spare efforts to foster modern talents of good academic performance and morality with inner grace, responsibility, creativity, leadership and international outlook.

As we know, this forum will be lasting for three days, almost 200 educators will discussing the main topic of ‘How to Prepare Students Better for Global Higher Education?’and other 6 topics, such as ‘How do the senior high prepare their students from university aspect’, ‘How to cultivate student’s international outlook and critical thinking’, ‘how to foster student’s scientific research spirit, creativity and individual thinking from the secondary school aspect’etc. We believe that establishing direct communication way with the world tow most important examination organization, direct dialogue with the world famous colleges and discussing the real problems occurred from education development with the educators in site will be definitely widening the view of education, which provides the new way and breakthrough for exploring school’s development and talents cultivation. We also believe that combination, opinion collision and wisdom communication of Chinese and western education culture will be definitely enlightening us for cultivating talents with international competitiveness and promoting humban beings harmonious prosperity. On the last day of the forum, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education will invite Mr. Stephen Murray, Headmaster of University School of America, to give a special speech to principals of more than 200 standard senior high schools of Shaanxi Province.

The main media who are attending this forum are as follows: CCTV, Phoenix TV Station, China Daily (Overseas version), China Youth Daily, China Education Newspaper, Shaanxi TV Station, Shaanxi Daily, Huashang Newspaper, Sanqin Newspaper, Xi’an TV Station, Xi’an Daily and Xi’an Evening Newspaper etc.

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