A Marvelous Performance for the National Day and Moon Festival

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On September, 30th, organized by the Students Union and the Youth League Committee, a marvelous performance to celebrate the National Day and Moon Festival was held in Lizhi Square of our school. All the students and teachers attended this show, some of the school administrators included.

Starting with the song To the Paradise, this art show, carefully prepared by the student groups and some Grade 10 classes, was colorful and reached climax one after another. The refreshing saxophone show, as well as the dynamic hip-hop, both won enthusiastic applause from the audience. The performances from the ancient culture club and classes of Grade 10 brought the audience back to the great Tang Dynasty. Furthermore, a humorous cross-talk pushed the whole show to another climax. The song of Two People’s Island amazed every single student present. The poetry recitation thoroughly reflected the patriotic enthusiasm of the students. At last the show came to an end in a passionate song of we are ready with the sincere regards from all the students.

Sponsored by the “Leading Education”, the whole show, with colorful performances from different groups of students, became a platform for the students to show their great talents.

After the show, various and colorful celebrating bulletins were also made as present to our motherland for her 61st birthday.

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