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Low carbon and sustainable development education forum for Shaanxi, Hongkong and Macau students was given a grand opening at HSXJTU on August 14 by Shaanxi UNESCO and HKESD(short for Hong Kong Education for Sustainable Development Association). Distinguished guests attended this conference including Mr. Wang Junzhe, President of Shaanxi UNESCO, Mr. Li Ming, Standing Vice President of Shaanxi UNESCO, the director of the Institute of HKESD, the standing vice President of HKESD, Madam Wang Peidong, Executive Chairman and Principal of HSXJTU, Madam Li Yuying, Secretary-General of Shaanxi UNESCO.

This forum, in unison with the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), has successfully improved students’ awareness about low carbon and sustainable development education. This forum is also aimed at developing throughout the society the learning ability, scientific knowledge, value and lifestyle combined, contributing to the sustainable development of society, economy, environment and culture. As Madam Wang Peidong, Executive President and Principal of HSXJTU, pointed out, “This forum set up an interaction platform for students, teachers and educators from both Shaanxi and Hong Kong on which commonly concerned issues were further elaborated. Students are encouraged to take up the responsibility of low-carbon understanding, publicity and practice and further contribute to the forming of low-carbon habits and the harmonious development of the entire society and nature.

Over 200 students from 23 renowned middle schools across Shaanxi, Hong Kong and Macau participated in groups in a heated discussion on 12 topics covering “City’s sustainable development and green construction policy”, “Green community and lifestyle change of green family” and “how to conduct voluntary work”. Despite the different lifestyles of various places, students shared almost the same understanding about low-carbon life and sustainable development education. The topics talked about most are “We only have one earth”, “Protecting environment is protecting ourselves”, “Say no to waste of resources and slow down the global warming” and etc. All participants were actively involved in the debate and presentation.

This forum also arranged a talent show for students from three places. The close ceremony was held on August 15th. Prizes were presented to winners by the distinguished guests.

HSXJTU delegate won the best group with a speech on the preventing of moat river pollution of Xi’an and low carbon age, and also the conclusion speech was greatly praised by judges and other participants.

Mr. Li Haili, a teacher of our school, was an honorable mention for his excellent instruction and Zhang Yalin, Zhang Zhuomin and Wang Zhuoheng won the Best Participants. Xi Bo, Gu Shiying, Mao Qi and Han Boyang received honorable mentions. Our excellent performance was appreciated by the forum committee as Zhang Yalin delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Shaanxi Students and Xi Bo read Xi’an Declaration at the Closing Ceremony. These students also presented a well-applauded play named Campus Sitcom-Our Song.

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