Fan Fan Won the Silver Medal in the 21st International Biology Olympiad

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Great news came from the 21st International Biology Olympic Competition of High School Students that our student Fan Fan won the silver medal in this competition. It is a great honor not only for our country, for Shaanxi province but also for our school.

The one week competition, starting from 11, July, was held in South Korea and 238 students from 59 countries and regions participated. All the members on Chinese team won medals, among whom Fan Fan won the Silver.

In recent years, good news from the olympiads of different subjects keeps pouring in. In the national final competitions of Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, eight gold, five silver and three bronze medals formed a briliant wreath in the school year of 2009-2010, ranking first in Shaanxi. The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University achieved remarkable success in the field of international Olympiads. In the 20th International Physics Olympiad, Lin Xiaofan won the bronze medal and in the 21st International Physics Olympiad, Wu Mingyang won the gold medal

On 26, July, 2010, Fan Fan and his instructor Mr. Zhang Guangfeng came back with great honor and received warm welcome from Principal Wang Peidong and all the teachers and students of our school.

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