The Ceremony for 2010 Graduates Grandly Held

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On June, 21st, the ceremony for 2010 graduates was held grandly in Xi’an Jiaotong University. With the theme of “memory, gratitude, and dreams”, the performance on the ceremony, which was elaborately prepared by the students and teachers, deeply expressed the specific feelings of both students and teachers at this memorable moment.

The ceremony started with the national anthem and the school song, after which Principal Wang delivered a speech. She said, after three years study in HSXJTU, all the students have formed noble qualities and moral integrity. With great eagerness for knowledge, they also acquired healthy personality. Beautiful semblance, optimistic disposition, careful concern, sincere compassion, responsibility and duty, and self-control, intrinsic and external, are all equally important for one’s success. She also expressed her hope to the students that they should be grateful to the ones who paid a lot throughout their growth while they achieved success. Then, Principal Wang handed out the diplomas for the graduates with Vice-principal Feng Ji and Song Jinan. Yue Sheng, a boy in 2010 and now studying in the United States, came back all the way to present the software he designed by himself as a gift to his alma mater.

Performance took a great part in the graduation ceremony, by which the students and teachers showed their great attachments to the school and their sweet memories during these three years.

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