Mobilization speech from Principal Wang about life education and life campus

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“Something negligible for the adults may lead serious consequence beyond retrieve for the children”. Principal Wang Peidong said in her mobilization speech delivered to the whole staff of our school about developing life education and creating the life campus on April, 28.

Combined with the present education environment and the current social conditions in China, Principal Wang holds the idea that the mental and physical features of growing teenagers help to reach the decision that they would inevitably come across great trouble during their life, which may make these psychological problems increasingly conspicuous, such as self-abandon, inferiority, and indifference etc. The existence of these problems have seriously influenced the all-round development of the students and the improvement of quality-oriented education, which is considered by some experts as an inevitable result of examination-oriented education system and the absence of quality-oriented education. This has made much sense, to some extent, but still not enough. We should understand that the quality-oriented education is an education practice focused on the all-round development of human beings, but not just teaching students how to sing, dance, paint and etc. Its essence lies in the improvement of the population quality by the necessary means of education, among which the most important thing is to carry out the life education and to improve the quality of life.

Principal Wang said, with the development of the society and the deep reform of education, carrying out life education has become more and more urgent, which is also the earnest request to realize our school philosophy, while in the other aspect, the traditional education is absent in life education. We should try to orient students to be good to life, to perfect the personality, and to healthily grow up, which is also the need to make the three-dimensional teaching goals come true in the new curriculum reform. Our school advocates the idea of pursuing personalized education for individual student, enjoying their study life and growing healthily. This happens to coincide with the essence of life education.

In the following part, Principal Wang introduced the contents of life education from the aspects of health education course, sex education, life skills and so on. She pointed out that the way to carry out life education should be various, which was decided by the mental and physical features of the middle school students. She also stressed the focuses and directions of the future work in our school should revolve round the life education.

Recently, our school has held a series of activities, such as the solicit donations to help the earthquake-stricken areas, the performance of students group and the low carbon and sustainable development education forum, all relating to the implementation of life education. We hope that individual development can be the starting point and the final result of education, and that while enjoying the process of studying, we can make every single life special and colorful.

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