St. Paul College HK Visits HSXJTU

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On 1st, April, a delegation of 30 people coming from St. Paul College HK arrived in Xi’an for a 5-day visit to HSXJTU. It was the first time for SPC to visit our school since we became sister-schools last October. On the morning of April, 1, an extreme welcome was received from HSXJTU students and teachers with assistant-principal Gao Xiaomei delivering a speech in which she showed her great confidence on the friendship and cooperation between the two schools. Mr. Yan Jiaxing, director of SPC, extended his congratulations to Principal Wang for her honor of National Outstanding Principal Prize for Education Reform and Innovation. Then, a friendly talk was conducted between the teachers and students from the two schools about teaching in two different areas.

During the visit, guests from HK toured our school campus, which they said left a deep impression on them. They also watched a number of classes in our school, through which they had an understanding about the special education in our school and were totally impressed by the charm of traditional Chinese culture and art. The flower of friendship bloomed between the two schools.

This visit deepened the mutual understanding and enhanced the friendship between us; furthermore, two schools discussed in detail about the further exchanges and reached a consensus.

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