Our CYL committee student council visited Children Village

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What is the most worthy New Year present? How can we get ready for new year’s challenge? The student council of CYL committee gave us the best answer with their action.

When the new year was just the corner on the day of December 26th, over 20 students of the student council from CYL committee headed for Children Village for a charity visit under the chaperonage of MR. Zhou, the secretary of CYL. The children living here, aged from 2 to 14, are cared and supported by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and people from all walks of life.

When arriving at the village, everyone was lit up by bustling and joyful atmosphere in spite of long journey and cold weather. Warmth of Spring seemed be advanced for these children when they saw the gathering of the benefit show presented by Cartoon club members, teachers, students, and other beneficent people.

Led by the teacher, our school delegates visited first the LOVE Cabinet, decorated by foreign friends for children’s living, study and recreation in which there were many pictures, lovely scrawling consisting of inspiring words and blessings written by people from all walks of life etc. We are so impressed that all these sunshine deed is so far-reaching that each corner of the world can be reached and the Children Village became the ideal place as cozy as home.

In the following communication, students rush to unload the small presents from the car and gave out to each cabinet and talked to children. Love and care draw near our hearts with no difference of living conditions, life experience and ages. Delegates from our school found themselves home with children and they together have dinner, talk, play and have fun. Many students have said, “ Though all these children have sad memory or past, they show their gratitude, love, and this visit is not only a simple charity activity but also a journey of study and communication, ” The personality of these children varies, either na?ve and cheerful or mature and restrained, with invariance of a sad past. However there are many things we can learn from these children, gratitude, compassion, dream, optimism, independence and perseverance.

A short afternoon imprinted on us a lifelong pondering and memory. December 26th will be remembered as a significant day for ever. Right on the same day of 115 years ago, a great leader was born who later fought back invasions such as Korea, America, India, Soviet Union and he also told us that today’s comfort did not come easy because it comes only under the delicate care through bleeding, courage and determination. Now 115 years has passed, we are taught a lesson after this common and impressive visit. We learnt that we should cherish our beautiful life and be grateful to other people and the society. Right before the New Year Eve, all the delegates have received the most worthy present—sacrifice and gratitude.

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