Good News: A Silver and A Bronze obtained in the 11th International Robert Olympiad

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From December 17thto 20th, 2009, the 11thInternational Robert Olympiad was held in Korea. Our team, on behalf of China, participated and won silver and a bronze.

With support from UNESCO, this Olympiad included over 400 teams from 14 countries and regions. Over 580 candidates competed in 18 competition categories. Our team, consisting of Mr. Liu quanming the tutor and six candidates, Wang tianhao, Zhao zirui, Li tianyu, Li jinqing, Zhang boyang, Lu yibo, took part in 2 competitions which are Robert Racing and Robert Dancing. In spite of language barrier, old equipment and lack of time, our team members worked together and tried their most to solve these problems and displayed their outstanding capacity of analysis and problem solving and finally won the second in Robert Racing and the third in Robert Dancing.

The whole process from proposition, structure design and building, programming and debugging were all laid out on the spot and each candidate was required to be independent and enclosed. All of these mean a great challenge in terms of skills and ability. The competition parameters were volatile and there was a major increase of the level of difficulty in design, building and debugging which explained why few can complete each project and even lots of teams had to give up. Students demonstrated their competence in this Olympiad and also Foreign advanced equipment and technology was also exhibited in this event.

Along with this Olympiad World educational Roberts forum and exhibition were also held on the which Robert research institute and researchers from world-renown universities joined academic communication and thousands of Roberts show broadened the candidates’ horizons.

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