Dr. Kennard’s visit to HSXJTU

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On 19th November, Dr. John Kennard and his wife, along with four other teachers from St. Paul College HK, arrived on Qujiang Campus for a friendly visit.

Shortly after Dr. Kennard’s arrival, a friendly talk was conducted between Principal Wang and Dr. Kennard and the latter expressed that with the return of Hong Kong to China and the increasing power of China, SPC will gradually shift its education emphasis on further promotion of Mandarin and classical Chinese. SPC will further expand exchange and communication with HSXJTU on various ways. Principal Wang lauded the SPC’s active, healthy attitude towards life and its success of promoting students’ talents in science, athletics and arts. Dr. Kennard afterwards had a talk with some of our teachers.

Dr. Kennard received a extreme welcome from HSXJTU students and teachers. Principal Wang made a welcome speech in which she spoke highly of the long history and advanced education ideal of SPC and she was positive that great development would be seen in students’ cultural horizon, learning and communication skills through our friendly exchange and cooperation. Dr. Kennard then delivered a speech in auditorium, featuring the cultivation of leadership on students. His rational, story-telling and humorous way of speaking was met with enthusiastic cheers. The lecture was then climaxed by an interaction between Dr. Kennard and the students.

SPC teachers observed one Chinese class in the afternoon and after that they had further discussion with our Chinese department. They believe that study on classic Chinese poems is the key approach to improve students’ Chinese. Detailed discussion was also conducted on the following visit in March 2011.

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