The 8th Sports Meet of our junior high Successfully Held

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From October 23rd to 24th, the 8th track and field meet of our junior high school was held successfully in the sports ground of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Hosted by the superior judge Mr. Pan Ansheng, the opening ceremony started at 8:00, with an opening speech delivered by Vice principal Zhang Yu. She encouraged the students to foster the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, and Stronger” and believed that the players would brave the hardship in the competition, perform well and display fine sportsmanship. In the name of all the athletes, the student , Quan Yuhao, promised that all the players would take part in the sports meet with enthusiasm, activeness and positive attitude, representing and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true sportsmanship for the glory of sport and the friendship between classes. Particularly, the excellent performances of 50 teachers and students from Grade 8 in the ceremony drew enthusiastic applause from all the teachers and students.

All the participants in the sports were full of vigor and enthusiasm, making great efforts at their own posts. The players, the leading roles on the playground absolutely, performed well in every event. Cheers from the audience encouraged the players to fight for their classes. All the judges were very conscientious in the performance of their duties to ensure the justice of the games. The volunteers, the medical workers and the guards ensured the success with their great efforts as well.

Great success was attained in the sports with seven students breaking four school records. Xue Jiaxin, girl from Grade 9, broke the record for 100 meter-race and long-jump with 13.2 seconds and 5.05 meters . Xin Yi, boy from Grade 9, broke the record at solid ball, scoring 14.8 meters, and the school record at boys 4×100m relay was broken by Glass 15, Grade 9. Additionally, a quorum of outstanding athletes and students who had showed great promise on sports came to the fore in this sports meeting.

All the students displayed great tenacity and youthful vitality throughout the contest, in which their sense of competition and cooperation was deepened and the indomitable volition was developed. What is more important, in such a harmonious, equal and friendly competitive environment, fine sportsmanship and collectivist spirit were furthered among all the participants.

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