Education Minster Chen Baosheng Visited HSXJTU

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Focusing on students’ moral and aesthetic education, the Minster of Education, Chen Baosheng, and distinguished guests visited HSXJTU on 19 of June 2017.

During visit, Principal Ms Wang Peidong detailed reported to Minster Chen Baosheng our school’s performance on the aspect of idea of education, school-running characteristic, character-building, quality education, education reform, technology innovation and international exchange. Then, Minster Chen Baosheng watched our students setting-up exercises and sports team training, he encouraged students to work hard and hope they can close combine learning with physical exercises. Later, Minster Chen Baosheng highly praised HSXJTU students innovation and creative spirit after he visited students science and technology innovation society. During visit, students from HSXJTU art group gave a wonderful performance for visiting guests, which won the applause and praise from audience.

An hour’s visit was over in a flash, Education Minster Chen Baosheng and distinguished guests were much impressed by this HSXJU visit and fully affirmed the achievements of HSXJTU.

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