HSXJTU Graduation Ceremony of Class 2019 Was Successfully Held

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On June 23, 2019, the Graduation Ceremony of Class 2019 was solemnly held in Motivation Square at HSXJTU. The school administration, all the teachers of the third grade of high school and all the students and parents representatives of Class 2019 attended the ceremony and watched the teacher-student performance.

The graduation ceremony officially began with the Grand National anthem. Principal Madame Wang Peidong first expressed her warmest congratulations to all the graduates of Class 2019 who successfully completed their high school studies. She recalled the unforgettable years that the teachers and students had spent together for three years, hoping that the students would face any difficulties and setbacks in the future. More importantly, they should keep a positive, optimistic and enterprising spirit, bravely face all kinds of tests and challenges, strive hard and never bear the youth; whenever possible, keep in mind the school motto, and maintain the spirit and demeanor of HSXJTU.

In her speech, the mother of Peng Chuyue, a representative of the parents, expressed her gratitude and gratitude to the school and teachers, and wished the graduatesall the best. She hoped that the students would get rid of their obscurity and maturity, get rid of their ignorance and become wise in the new journey in the future.

Niu Yuzi, a graduate from class 8, on behalf of all the students of Class 2019, said that no matter how far we go in the future, the spirit of "Virtue, Knowledge, Ambition and Action" has become a valuable and permanent wealth in our life value, “Today I am proud of HSXJTU and tomorrow HSXJTU should be proud of me”.

Principal Madame Wang Peidong, on behalf of the school, issued diplomas to all students. The three-year struggle and sweat condensed into this heavy diploma, which drew a successful end to the students’ high school career. Director of this grade, Ding Feng, Jiao Zhanwu and Wang Xuefeng presented 100 sets of classical literature to the school on behalf of the teachers and students of Class 2019 on their graduation day, and expressed their sincere thanks to the school.

Lastly, the graduation show concludes with the song "Yesterday's Blue Sky". May there be a future to go and a time to look back on. May today's graduation song open a wonderful chapter for tomorrow, live up to its splendor, and rise to the top, wishing the students of Class 2019 a promising future!

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