The Graduation Ceremony of the 2019 American Program was solemnly held at HSXJTU

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On May 30, 2019, the Graduation Ceremony of the 2019 American program was solemnly held at HSXJTU. Principal madame Wang Peidong, Vice-Principal Li Yang, President Charles Kim, representative of Jiangsu Tianlin Education Group, all graduates of Class 2019, and all teachers and students from the International Course Center gathered at Qujiang Campus Presentation Hall to share the harvest and joy of graduation.

After the loud school song and the graduation ceremony officially began, Vice-President Li Yang delivered a commencement speech on behalf of the school, raising three expectations for the graduates. Later, the director of Charles Kim of Jiangsu Tianlin Education Group, on behalf of the curriculum management, sent his farewell wishes to the students. A poem in the afterglow reminded the graduates of this journey of three years.

Mr. Reda, a representative of foreign teachers, made a speech on the stage, wishing the graduates good luck. He urged the children to remember their first intention of studying abroad and to stick to their original intention and go forward bravely when facing difficulties.

The parents' representative, Shi Chongkai's father, made a touching speech to express his gratitude to the teachers of the International Curriculum Center, who are the practitioners of our school motto “Seek an education that maximizes every student’s potential”.

Xu Leyu, a graduate, delivered a brilliant graduation speech on behalf of his class. He recalled the wonderful clips of the three years of high school. He congratulated the students on their admission to their own universities and thanked the alma mater and teachers for their hard work. After that, the graduates sent their best wishes to the hard-working teachers. Chinese and foreign teachers came to the stage one after another to accept the sincere wishes of the graduates.

Principal Madame Wang Peidong issued the diploma for the graduates individually, wishing them all the best in their future study and life and becoming the ideal self. After the ceremony agenda, the graduating classmates brought wonderful program performances. They had focused on their studies and displayed their versatility on the stage, which amazed the teachers and parents present.

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