Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Awarded HSXJTU the "Excellent Student Source Base"

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On the afternoon of December 26, the signing ceremony of the excellent student base of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics was held at HSXJTU. Yang Cuiying, Vice President of Department of Public Economy and Management, Song Bingchao, Executive Secretary of the Admission Office, Ren Dong, Director of the Academic Affairs Department, He Yan, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Department and Head of Class of grade 12 attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the deputy director, He Yan.

Director Ren Dong delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the school, introducing in detail the history of our school, the teaching team and the students. He welcomed Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to select outstanding graduates from HSXJTU. He hoped that more famous universities would come to our school to give relevant academic lectures on cutting-edge science.

Subsequently, Vice-President Yang Cuiying and Secretary Song Bingchao introduced the development course, school-running characteristics, students’ employment and enrollment policies of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. They hoped that by building a "base of high-quality students" together, they could strengthen the links between the two schools, enable students to accept frontier knowledge, plan their lives well and make better choices in college entrance examination and future career choices.

The signing ceremony will certainly be conducive to the promotion of in-depth cooperation between the two schools, the effective docking of secondary and higher education, and the cultivation of more outstanding talents for the development of society.

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