2018 Winter Jump Fitness Competition for the Faculty and Staff Successfully Held at HSXJTU

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In order to further promote the fitness program of the HSXJTU faculty, enrich the campus cultural life, promote the health development of the faculty and staff, and enhance team cohesion, our labor union successfully held the winter triple jump fitness competition for the faculty and staff at HSXJTU on the afternoon of December.

The competition has been highly valued and strongly supported by the school. Five groups registered for this competition. The competition was divided into individual and collective events. The first event is the group competition, the 3-minute "8" wrap race; the second event is the individual competition, the one-minute individual rope skipping competition and the two-person rope skipping competition, shuttlecock kicking competition; the teams actively participated in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second". After intense and fierce competition, Senior grade 2 finally won the first place in rope skipping. Yang Yue won the first place in rope skipping with 200 jumps in a minute; Zheng Gang and Xiao Yao won the first place in two-person rope skipping with 116 in a minute; Li Juan won the first place in shuttlecock kicking with 77 in a minute.

This competition not only enlivens the cultural and sports life of the teachers and staff at HSXJTU, but also strengthens the exchanges and cooperation among various departments, enhances the friendship between the teachers and staff, strengthens the collective sense of honor of the staff, and greatly embodies the spiritual outlook of the teachers and staff at HSXJTU.

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