HSXJTU Students Won Great Results in the 32nd Chinese Olympiad Finals

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On December 4, the 32nd Chinese Olympiad Finals was successfully held in Jinan. HSXJTU student Zhu Xuanhao won the gold medal in the finals.

This competition selected the top students through preliminary and semi-finals and finally 340 high school students from 30 provinces, cities and Macau have entered the finals. Zhu Xuanhao eventually stood out from these students after the theory and practice tests. Additionally, he could be admitted to Peking University with huge bonus points (A line). This gold medal was the 10th gold medal HSXJTU has received in the Chemistry Olympiad.

Ge Yulu achieved the gold medal in the 27th Biology Olympia finals and was admitted to the National Team. Xue Jiawei and Feng Xinyu also gained the silver and bronze medal in the 34th Chinese Mathematics Olympiad Finals. Li Yi achieved the bronze medal the 35th Chinese Physics Olympiad Finals while Feng Chang and Liu Jiarui won the silver and bronze medal in the National Youth Informatics Olympiad Finals.

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